Wish Stories

Felicity, 15
Hematologic Disorder
I wish to go to New Zealand

Felicity’s wish inspiration came from reading and watching The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings book and films. She is a true fan and desperately wanted to see the beautiful scenes where her favorite stories came to life. Felicity had done her research before her wish granting volunteers even showed up to meet with her, and she was prepared with photos and websites of her “must-sees!”

The north island of New Zealand welcomed Felicity and her family with nice weather and plenty of sights that did not disappoint. Not only did Felicity get to stand where some of her favorite actors/actresses once stood while filming Hobbit/LOTR and see some of the huge props used in the making of the movies, but she also got to spend the night in a hobbit hut! Some of Felicity’s favorite memories of her wish experience took place in the New Zealand countryside.

The fun didn’t stop there, though. Felicity enjoyed other outdoor activities that she would never get to try at home, like black water rafting through caves! Another favorite was paddle boarding in the harbor with her sister.

Even though the long trip from Tennessee to New Zealand (and back) was physically exhausting, Felicity never hit the brakes. She was determined to fully experience New Zealand, just like she pictured it, so she embraced the fatigue and pushed through to the end. Felicity’s wish experience was not only a trip she will never forget, but also an empowering and life-changing time that has impacted her soul for the better.

“I think Felicity saw that people cared about her and how she felt through her challenges and her illness. Somebody cared enough to think she deserved a break and then they granted her wish to give her that break. She saw how far people will go to make her as happy as possible. Just experience something amazing brought joy to Felicity and left her humble and grateful.” Monica, Felicity’s mom